How To Open Sacral Chakra?

How To Open Sacral Chakra?

How To Open Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra is located in the middle of the abdominal of a human body, a few inches under the navel. It is the second chakra and is associated with everything that is related to creativity. It is also known as the Svadhishthana. If you wish to assist progress or strive toward creative opportunities, it is important to know how to open sacral chakra.

To open the sacral chakra, one can wear or carry stones and jewelry made specially to open chakras, have a specific food diet and nutrition guide, and chant hymns regularly to unblock the sacral chakra. Also, yoga and meditation help to open the sacral chakra as well. One can follow the regular routine in a special way to keep the chakra open.

Are you worried about how to maintain all these methods to open the sacral chakra? No worries. This article will guide you to understand the methods properly, so stick around to know everything about it.     

How To Open Sacral Chakra?

Each of the seven sacral chakras is associated with a distinct element of your physical and mental wellness. However, you may find it difficult to remember which one is which, and get confused as to how to affect your sacral chakras.

You will always find yourself within the right frame of mind when you know how to conduct chakra-opening activities and open the sacral chakra. Let's find out the methods for opening your sacral chakra:

Using Stones And Jewelry

There are certain stones with ancient significance for each one of the sacral chakras. Each chakra stone could be kept in hand, worn on your body, or purchased as sacral chakra jewelry. Let's have a look at the most essential and effective sacral chakra stones that can open our chakras:


The sunstone, a magnificent crystal, is indeed an excellent stone for activating your sacral chakra due to its potent and pleasant energies. This stone also contains solar energy, making it highly potent. If you have been feeling unmotivated for a while, use this stone to enhance your positive energy and happiness.

This helps you to pamper yourself while also encouraging personality and self-confidence. The stone provides hope and peace to individuals who utilize it, and as a result, it eliminates bad energy out of its surroundings. Sunstone is ideal when you are experiencing an imbalance of emotions as a result of the blocked chakra.


Moonstone exists in a range of hues, but pink and peachy moonstone is particularly beneficial for strengthening and boosting the intellect. It is also intended to alleviate anxiety and convey a kind spirit.

It can have severe consequences for our own satisfaction if we have an imbalanced and inactive sacral chakra. So it is necessary to balance all the chakras. Sacral Chakra moonstones help us to fix the imbalance in our life. And it assists you to become your true self. 

Tigers Eye

The tiger's eye stone is recognized for its ability to calm anxiety and emotions, making it ideal for people who have a hyperactive second chakra. It is an excellent stone to have in general. It keeps us rooted and calm; also, it gives good fortune to all those who wear it. 

It can be used to increase the low libido as well, which will aid in unblocking the sacral chakra and embracing inner sexuality. The tiger's eye stone is supposed to have the energy of the sun as well as to give people who utilize its power and pride.

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is renowned for innovation and creativity. Therefore, it is an excellent stone for unleashing that aspect of yourself that may suffer from a blocked sacral chakra. It is another superb stone that replenishes your spirit and provides you with an additional boost of power.

It is an excellent stone for reducing tension and balancing spirits. It helps to purify and activate your second chakra while harmonizing it with the other chakras as well. It even has robust, loving characteristics. Therefore, if your sacral chakra is hyperactive, it is a fantastic approach to soothe your feelings while prioritizing your overall health too.


For ages, the carnelian stone has been used to offer bravery to people who carry it. The harmonics of this stone, a stunning sparkling orange stone, may help to open up and relax your sacral chakra, restoring health and wellness. 

 Carnelian stones promote self-efficacy and self-confidence. It may also be used to boost love and passion, so it's ideal in case your sacral chakra is blocked and you lack your typical libido! Because the stone's vibration is heated, it is pretty beneficial when you have a blocked chakra.


The citrine stone is a crystal with a lovely golden tint that radiates light and vitality very effectively.  These abundant stone resources might be quite beneficial if you are currently experiencing any financial difficulties. It is also helpful for rebalancing the spirit and awakening people to a higher stage of life. 

 If you have sacral chakra problems, you might find yourself trapped in a cycle and missing motivation in something. The stone alters the spirit and encourages a powerful energy flow through your body. This is an excellent stone for both mentally and physically recharging, so if you feel exhausted, spend some time relaxing with the citrine stone!

Using Hymn 

As you are, utilizing mantras replaces negative, restricting thoughts with positive, encouraging ones. You can create strong chants that address the sacral chakra. You can also open your chakra by chanting the hymn over and over again. It will help to calm your mind and bring positivity. However, you can design your own hymn to unblock the sacral chakra as well.

Through Food Habits

By making minor dietary changes, you may be able to open the sacral chakras. Proper nutrition is not only great for keeping your chakras unblocked, but it's also a perfect idea to look at foods that have traditionally been associated with your sacral chakras.

●      Fruits 

●      Tea 

●      Seeds 

●      Broths 

●      Coconuts

Meditation And Yoga Techniques

Yoga may also be an excellent supplement for opening your chakra. Every exercise regime will aid in chakra alignment. However, some particular postures address the sacral chakra. 

You can try Dvipada Pitham, which includes reclining on the back while raising your posteriors and moving your hands outstretched or over your head. It is among the most effective sacral chakra yoga postures.

Why Should You Open Sacral Chakra?

Opening your chakra will allow you to become more connected with everyone, welcome new things, get over past grief and guilt, and build healthy emotional regulation skills. Some may find the long-lost motivation back and feel genuine delight for the very first time in forever. Most probably, their ability to solve the problems will also improve after opening the sacral chakra. 

It is crucial to understand the majority of them to repair, nourish, and maintain your chakra open and robust. Give heed to psychological and physical activity, such as motion and communication, and maternity and sexual organs.


Opening your sacral chakra can add a new dimension to your personality, spirituality and help to live a richer life. The methods we’ve discussed here will certainly help you out on how to open sacral chakra

 All you need to do is follow the instructions properly and work accordingly to have a healthy and happy life ahead. Thank you for sticking around till the end!

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