How To Unblock Throat Chakra?

How To Unblock Throat Chakra?

How To Unblock Throat Chakra?

Chakras are energy centers that coincide with certain nerve endings as well as organs in an individual. It also plays a function in energy flow. There are mainly seven chakras and it is considered that when either of the chakras gets blocked, it not only affects you physically and mentally but spiritually as well. However, there are ways on how to unblock throat chakra.

The main thing is meditation. It is essential for achieving inner peace and serenity, and it can well be the answer to helping you unblock your throat chakra. Furthermore, there are several forms of meditation to select from. You might, for example, choose a mantra that you can put your focus on during the session or simply sit silently and concentrate on your respiration.

This is the primary method, but there are several other ways in which you can unblock the throat chakra. This article will talk about those ways. Continue reading to also learn about what slows down the flow of the throat chakra and why it happens.

9 Ways That Will Balance And Improve Your Throat Chakra

If you are suffering due to a blockage of your throat chakra, you need not worry as these ways will help you get rid of it. There are also certain products which will help you as well. Not only that, but these methods may also prevent you from getting a block in your throat chakra.

Add Colors To Your Life 

The blue color is associated with the throat chakra. Blue crystals like lapis lazuli might help you to unblock your throat chakra. As each mineral has a distinct resonating recurrence, they are one of the most efficient methods to deal with the throat chakra. If you wear a necklace with the bluestone mentioned above around your neck, then it might be a particularly effective way to repair your throat chakra.

Stretch Your Neck 

You can do stretches that loosen up the region surrounding your neck. It may assist your throat chakra to be more balanced. Simple stretches can help avoid the development of tension and stress in the throat and area of your neck.

Concentrate On Your Breathing 

The throat chakra is said to benefit from a certain breathing style. It is known as a lion's breath. This is said to help you relax, eliminate toxins as well as stimulate the area of your chest and throat. It involves breathing in through the nose while keeping your mouth and eyes wide open. After, you just need to breathe out as loud as you can while sticking your tongue out. The exhale should sound like the roar of a lion.

Utilization Of Chakra Stones 

To assist balance and clear a clogged throat chakra, you can utilize chakra stones with blue hues. There are also other stones in different colors such as amethyst and green agate. There are also ways of using these stones. You can either place them on the base of your neck while lying down or even wear them as necklaces.

Try Poses of Yoga 

You should know that releasing stress in parts of your body near chakras aids in the restoration of energy flow in that area. Certain yoga postures that relax the muscles of your neck area are best to unblock the throat chakra.

Attempt A Reiki Session Of Healing

Repairing the throat chakra with Reiki is another approach. This healing process improves all of your chakras. A practitioner of Reiki, on the other hand, can put in more time on your neck chakra if they believe you will gain from more energy that is being transferred there.

Use A Bija Mantra 

Vibrations of sound are thought to be ancient methods for tapping into the universe's energy currents. A bija mantra will help you stimulate as well as stabilize the energy of a certain chakra. It is a sound that consists of only one syllable. 

Use a natural and relaxing resonance in your voice when chanting a sound. Then, when you exhale, let the music gently fade out throughout the duration of your breathing out.

Journal Everything 

Try to write down your thoughts in a journal. Writing in a journal is a fantastic way to improve your ability to listen to the thoughts in your mind. Getting silent and freewriting is a strong practice for linking your heart with your mind. This is the place of your throat chakra, in between your mind and the body.

Align Your Neck And Your Spine 

To prevent neck pain and hyperextension, it is recommended to keep a straight posture by aligning your neck and the spine. If you are doing yoga, this is extremely critical. Backbends, for example, can cause strains in your neck and hyperextension if done repeatedly.

What Slows Down The Flow Of Throat Chakra?

Imbalances of the chakra can be caused by either external factors such as stress or other internal behaviors such as conduct that is self-destructive. When we have communication difficulties, the throat chakra becomes unbalanced or blocked.

These might come from both ends of the spectrum of communication. All chakras have the ability to open as well as close. 

They do so in response to a person's physiological and spiritual status. If you are too hysterical to talk, for example, a blockage in your throat chakra may result due to this. On the other hand, the obstruction might also be due to excessive chatting. 

Sometimes you may feel like you have to stop talking completely or even feel very emotional for no reason. All these heights in communication are the results of the imbalance in your chakra. 


Now that you know how to unblock throat chakra, you can do it either by using natural remedies such as yoga and stretching or by using chakra stones as mentioned. Both these ways are useful and will help you relax and find calm. Thanks for reading the whole article. I hope you can successfully unblock your chakra without any hassle.

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