How To Use Chakra Stones? - For Beginners

How To Use Chakra Stones? - For Beginners

If you find chakra stones interesting but do not know how to use them, you have come to the right place. These stones and crystals can be really effective if you know how to use them. It promotes positivity and healing, as you may already know, but how to use chakra stones?

To use chakra stones, place or wear them over the energy or chakra points on your body. If all the chakra stones are aligned properly, they start functioning. Misplacing the chakra stones may result in an unbalance. A person may begin to experience negative energies or health problems in that particular area of the body.

Sometimes, it can become challenging to use chakra stones. Using it in the wrong will not make it work. It needs the coordination of your soul and your stones. In this article, you will read how to start using chakra stones. Along with that, you’ll learn how to make it work and the stones to begin with.

How To Start Using Chakra Stones?

To start using chakra stones, gather all the seven stones. Then wear them from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. Once aligned, they will start unlocking the chakras to bring balance to the body.

Before starting to use chakra stones, clear your mind. It is because you will perform a spiritual cleansing of your body. Now, when you start wearing the chakra stones, sit or stand straight. A poor body posture may ruin the alignment. But how to understand if it is aligned? It’s simple. If specific parts of your body fall ill, there’s a high chance the chakra on that part failed to align.

Besides, pay more attention to the body parts that need healing. For instance, if you catch a cold often, get a throat chakra and place it carefully on its chakra. Here, if it goes out of alignment, you will continue to catch a cold often.

People use chakras to cleanse themselves and unlock their true potential. Now chakras need cleansing as well. Fill a jar full of saltwater and submerge your chakra stones in the solution. Wait for a few minutes before taking them out. Afterward, wipe them dry with a clean piece of cloth.

After cleansing it from the energies from the previous energies, recharge them. It is possible to do this using a glass pyramid and sunlight. Place your chakra stones under direct sunlight and leave them for a few hours. You may use a glass pyramid to magnify the positive energies.

Lastly, while using the chakra stones, sit somewhere quiet. Focus on the cleansing and healing sessions. Take some deep breaths along with relaxing breaths. It will help you calm down.

How to Make Chakra Stones Work?

To make chakra stones work, a person has to allow their body to coordinate with the chakras. While the stones do their work, it is necessary to visualize their work. It is because it will only work if you are mentally or spiritually prepared to let out all the negative energies.

Healing with chakra stones will work when you choose a quiet place where there’s no disturbance. Only then you can concentrate on the sessions. Now, to concentrate on it, imagine a few things. When you breathe in, imagine that a white ray of positive energy is entering your body. Allow your body to absorb it.

In contrast, let the chakra stones absorb all your pain, anxiety, depression, and negative energies when you breathe out. You might not be aware but thoughts carry energies that may affect your health. By doing so, you will start to feel light. Eventually, you will gather confidence and happiness. However, you will see that all chakras do not have equal energies.

The purpose of making chakra stones is to let your soul accept the energies. Thus, it does not mean that the stones do not work on their own. But yes, it requires you to be grateful, calm, and quiet throughout the sessions.

Finally, you should mentally balance the chakra stones. It is because some may be excessively active, while others are underactive. While you leave it for ten to fifteen minutes, think positive and focus on your expectations.

Stones To Use As Chakra Stones

There are seven main stones to use as chakra stones. One of the most common ones is the root chakra. Activating it by placing it at the base of the spine will help you feel stable, motivated, and proud of yourself. Some examples of the root chakra are smokey quartz and fire opal.

You may purchase gemstones for emotional improvement. It allows your spirit to be flexible and creative. A solar plexus chakra, likewise, might assist you in maturely handling all your problems. Make sure the stones are not overactive or underactive, as it may affect beginners negatively.

If you are experiencing difficulties in maintaining healthy relationships with people, heart chakras are for you. Love and forgiveness are necessary for all of us. In addition, it can balance heart rates and blood pressure. The throat chakra can also improve severe physical conditions. It improves sore throats, tight jaws, colds, and stiff necks.

The third eye chakra helps you deal with a clearer mind. As a result, you can solve complicated matters quickly. There’s greater focus and unbelievable outcomes. And lastly, the crown chakra is for unleashing a better version of you. It increases the confidence level. And as a result, you will become more certain about your decisions in life.


The chakra practice can be really beneficial if you know how to use chakra stones. They will cleanse your soul and help you get rid of stress and other negative energies. With the help of purchasing the right stones, you can make it work effectively. You will want to repeat the sessions once you get used to them.

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