Collection: Amazonite

These beautiful gemstones are widely popular because of their distinctive cyan color. Amazonite is widely associated with money and luck. It is widely known as a crystal that brings good fortune into our lives. This Gemstone also symbolizes wealth, and using these crystals is believed to bring riches into our lives.

Amazonite crystals can also help to improve anxiety problems and help to get rid of a tense mood. It helps us to feel light when our responsibilities are burdening us. Its mesmerizing beauty gives us a glimpse of the beauty of the Amazon River. Hence, the Amazonite stone helps us to revive our connection with nature.

Using the Amazonite crystal embeds us to the similar calmness which resides within the rainforests of Amazon. It helps us to create a deep connection with Mother Nature. Due to this ability, the Amazonite is well-known as The Amazon Stone. Its blue-green hues give us a glimpse into the deep jungles, and its magnificent cyan appearance itself symbolizes nature.

Amazonite helps us to get rid of the feelings that might be draining the life out of us. This Gemstone, with its radiant aura, provides immense benefits to our nervous system. It also helps to get rid of drinking habits. The precious gem enables us to be tension-free and makes us feel refreshed at all times.

Hence the beauty of these gemstones brings us the power of nature. It calms us and helps us to gain our long-lost strength. The Amazonite crystal indeed weaves our spiritual world with its tremendous healing powers.