Collection: Amethyst

Amethyst stone is an excellent healing stone for the crown chakra. It works as a tranquilizer stone and brings peace into your body and mind giving you a blissful experience. Amethyst crystals are also associated with the third eye chakra and keep it aligned.

In the Amethyst section, you’ll find accessories and ornaments with marvelous colors and healing properties. An amethyst stone is gorgeous whether it is natural or cut and polished into jewelry.

Amethyst stones are associated with the sign Pisces. Therefore you can give the amethyst stone to someone who possesses this zodiac sign. Amethyst is linked to healthy cell renewal, deep relaxation, and hormonal balance.

As Amethyst stones help regulate metabolism, the body achieves inner harmony, reducing stress and tension. It calms the mind after excessive drinking or other behaviors which may result in addictions. Amethyst accomplishes this by relaxing the mind and activating the body, keeping individuals alert and focused solely.

Amethyst crystals are worn mainly by people who are on a healing journey. Amethyst accessories are perfect as jewelry because there is no fear of crumbling. Because of the sense of calm that’s gained wearing amethyst chakra stone, people worldwide are interested in it.

Wearing amethyst crystals may help people quit overspending and gambling. Amethyst crystals are the wealth crystals that assist the user in attaining financial objectives. People use uncut amethyst chakra crystals to bring serenity and harmony into their life. Because Amethyst focuses on emotions, it may help people suffering from sorrow, loss, and grief.