Collection: Apatite

Blue apatite stone helps you balance your emotions, drawing out all the negative energies from your body. It’s a manifestation stone.  This stone is perfect for emotionally worn-out people because this will heal your heart and inspire your creativeness.

Apatite stone will boost your psychic and spiritual awareness gracefully for those who want to connect to a very high spiritual guidance. It affects your physical, spiritual, mental, emotional bodies as well as aligns your chakra.

There are a lot of psychological benefits of blue apatite stone. For instance, it will help you manage overactivity and reduce underactivity. So, if you are looking for some creative inspiration within yourself, blue apatite stone is the best suit for you.

You can find apatite accessories on the apatite page. Blue apatite stone is generally associated with the throat chakra. It heals your inner self and works its way out through the throat chakra. So, if you are struggling with your expressive power, you can try our apatite stone accessories.

Apatite crystals increase calcium absorption, strengthen cartilage, bones, and teeth, restore bones, and promote new cells’ growth. It helps with arthritis and joint issues as well. Apatite also helps in reducing appetite and increasing metabolic rate, promoting healthy eating. In addition, it treats high blood pressure and cures glands.

Blue apatite stone goes really well with Libras and Geminis. For the Libras, blue apatite works as a mirror that helps them balance the sign’s scale. Additionally, for Geminis, blue apatite stone acts as a healing stone that aligns their chakra with their inner energies.

In order to connect with the higher spiritual self and polish your psychic abilities, you must go for appetite crystals. So if you know someone who needs the assistance of an apatite to align their chakra, you can give them this unique stone.