Collection: Bloodstone

The Bloodstone is an extremely rare Jasper in the crystal family. The beauty and color contrast of this stone is highly unique. The exceptional crystal comes in an emerald green color with blood-red spots and a shiny surface. The Gemstone has layers of beautiful deep green color embedded in it and is truly a natural treasure.

This valuable crystal is more commonly known as Heliotrope and with deep connections to the Feng Shui conception. The Bloodstone crystal has impressive healing characteristics and helps to build up our patience. It helps us to be patient during troubling times and motivates us to keep pushing forward even if the path is full of obstacles.

It enables us to be persistent in the journey of our life. The precious gemstone helps us to overcome our hardships and gifts us the strength to face every obstacle with courage. The Bloodstone will work best if you keep it in a Zhen position in your house. For instance, you can keep it in the middle section of your home.

Keeping the Bloodstone in the middle section will allow you to quickly get rid of any obstacles in your path. It will also reduce the number of challenging situations in your life, filling you up with peace and prosperity. The Bloodstone is the definite expression of the fire and wood element due to its deep green and blood-red color contrast.

Due to its fire element, The Bloodstone Stone enables you to become more active and get rid of laziness. It also embeds passion and ambition into your soul. Hence the healing power of these precious gemstones enables you to work harder towards your goals.