Collection: Chakra bracelets

Healed chakras are the source of peace and joy. On the other hand, unbalanced chakras wreak havoc in every opening opportunity in our lives. For these hidden blockers, our true self gets trampled under self-doubts.

Awakening that true self from the heap of negativities can be a tumultuous journey of self-realization. That journey requires divine teachers, guides, and assistance from Mother Earth. Chakrapot’s specially crafted chakra-bracelets are our gleaming gifts to you for your journey.

Uniquely designed and specially crafted with powerful healing crystals and stones, Chakrapot’s chakra bracelets are effective natural detoxifiers. Our chakra stones bracelets are created to release all the negative energies from your chakras to unfold the divine you.

Negative energies or toxicities are the accumulation of stress, pain, and anxiety we gather in the course of life. Letting them go is crucial in the process of awakening. With our bracelets, you will easily break free from the burning chains that are holding you a prisoner to your negative energies.

Crystals and stones have been a part of energy healing practices since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians wore crystal jewellery for healing and rejuvenation. In ancient India, beady pieces of jewellery with healing properties were also famous. Keeping fashion and well-being in mind, we bring to you our chakra bead bracelets.

These bead bracelets are perfect to wear with any type of clothing. Not only perfect, but also, they will heal you silently on the go. These bracelets are your divine companions.  Unleash the true power of who you are with us. We are your forever partners in your journey.