Collection: Chakra necklaces

Chakra-necklaces are our favourite amongst chakra jewellery. I hear you ask why. As chakra healers, we have observed that people struggle the most with their throat and heart chakra. And chakra necklaces wrap these two up with divine, infinite love! The positive energy shift of someone wearing our chakra necklace for the first time is almost tangible.

Chakrapot’s chakra crystal necklaces are potent healers for all your chakras, from root to crown. Our carefully curated crystals will help you manifest the inner balance your soul deserves.

Our chakra pendant collection will help you redirect the negative thinking patterns of your mind. Every spiritual journey revolves around one truth- always remember that you are the product of your thoughts.

If you think positively, positive changes will take place in your life. Similarly, negative, self-deprecating thoughts will manifest into unfavourable circumstances.

Keeping that in mind, we have enlisted some powerful healers on our chakra crystal necklace list. They will gently cleanse and harmonize your chakras by inducing pure positive thoughts. The number one rule from the spiritual rulebook is- keep your thoughts positive and non-judgemental. That way you open the door of unconditional self-love.

From ancient times, spiritual healers believed that crystals and stones inspire positive thoughts. Many spiritual practices across the world use various stones and crystals for their healing properties. We have also helped many people open their chakras, unleash the higher self, and attract infinite abundance in their lives with our chakra jewellery.