Collection: Chakra Stone Beads

Chakra stone beads are perfect accessories if you want to carry your chakra stone around with you. You need to find a proper balance on your left and right side to get the most out of your chakra bracelet beads.

The right hand is the most suitable to wear a chakra bracelet bead. It is believed that if you wear the chakra stone beads on your right hand, it helps in toxin release.

Placing a healing bracelet on the body is the most common technique to align your chakra. The stone is positioned in the troubled region. When healing, the stones are placed from the root chakra above to shift the energy flow upwards.

Chakra beads clear out the blocked chakra of the wearer and bring back the energy into life. The chakra bracelet beads are suitable for both males and females. In order to receive positive energies for the universe, you must wear your chakra beads on your left hand.

The chakra stone beads take time to activate and sync with your aura. Once it’s synced with all your chakras, you’ll feel a sense of calm and tranquility in everything you do. You can wear as many chakra bracelet beads as you want because there’s certainly no fixed amount for it.

While surfing for chakra beads, bracelets always look for the ones with a combination of stones. The power of the chakra bracelet beads is increased if associated with more than one stone. It brings more effectiveness in the alignment of the chakra.