Collection: Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite is a beautiful green crystal loved by metaphysical healers around the world. It’s a stone for spiritual correction and concentration. If you notice a lack of balanced spiritual connectivity in yourself, these green fluorite stones are for you.

Green Fluorite becomes a lovely marbled stone when it falls over. Its natural colors range from light almost transparent green to dark jade. These crystals are calcium fluoride minerals that are well-known, stable, and predictable minerals.

Beautiful shades of soothing green fluorite crystals come with healing vibrations for your body and mind. Green Fluorite is a multi-faceted stone that forms deep within the crevices of other rock formations.

Green fluorite stones are extremely useful in bringing stability in chaos and conflicting energies into bonding and harmony. It promotes spirituality, thought, focus, concentration, and overall balance. This healing crystal eliminates all the negative energies from your surrounding environment and brings renewal, and cleanses your chakra.

In the green fluorite section, you’ll find the most eye-catching green fluorite crystal and stone accessories. The heart chakra is related to this stone, and it helps in healing broken and distracted hearts. This stone effectively cleans the negative aura that surrounds you.

Green fluorite opens up the heart by eliminating past traumas and emotional drawbacks, making us more receptive to love.  You can get this for someone who has their heart broken or going through emotional turmoil and help them align their heart chakra. You can also purchase it for decorating your home and remove the negative environment of the house.