Collection: Green Opal

This lustrous crystal comes in a beautiful spring green color and is one of the rarest members of the crystal family. The Green opal is hugely famous for its cleansing energy. This rare beauty has the ability to cleanse your soul, unlike any other gemstone. The Green opal crystal also enhances our health and brings peace and prosperity into our lives.

Green opal allows you to take actions rationally rather than giving in to your conflicting emotions. This stone possesses the ability to unite the Third Eye chakra to your heart. By doing this, this stone gifts you the ability to organize your thoughts more proficiently than before. The Green Opal will encourage positive thinking in every situation.

This valuable Gemstone is perfect for someone going through a recent heartbreak or grieving for a long time. It helps to soothe our souls and brings harmony into our spiritual world. It allows us to overcome our struggles and provides us with the strength to rebuild our broken spirit. Green opal stone also enables us to handle our emotions and balances our feelings and thoughts.

It strengthens our emotional bonding with our loved ones. The balance of our emotions and thoughts allows us to assess situations more profoundly than before. The Green Opal generally directs its healing power towards our hearts. It helps to calm our racing hearts in nerve-wracking situations.

This rare Gemstone blesses our hearts with its healing power. The Green Opal brings good health into our lives with its water elements and works best in pairs with other gemstones.