Collection: Kyanite

Kyanite stone opens up the mind and improves the telepathic and psychic skills of a person. Kyanite is connected with the heart chakra. This stone helps you to move forward with the universe eliminating negativity.

Kyanite brings peace and serenity to the entire being. On all levels, it promotes psychic skills. It relieves rage, irritation, anxiety, and stress and promotes rationality. The Kyanite stone offers a motivating vigor when people are in their vulnerable states. Kyanite promotes dream memory and dream healing.

Kyanite stones are great for those who have troubled sleep and hazy dreams. These crystals constructively help to recall dreams productively. This healing stone is a phenomenal pain reliever.

Kyanite is one of two components of the world that never captures or maintains negative energy. The metaphysical properties of the Kyanite stone make it a great stone for cleansing and purifying other crystals.

People who feel lost in their way of life and are trying to regain their previous self can use Kyanite stones. And those who want to recall their childhood memories can place the kyanite crystal on the third eye chakra. 

Kyanite stone helps a person in overcoming a victim mindset and breaks the abusive emotional patterns. This stone actively generates a fresh flow of energy and a change in one's world perspective. It helps one stay functioning under stressful circumstances, fosters rational thinking, and stimulates action.

You can look into the Kyanite section to find out perfect accessories to use. If your friends are into meditation, this would be an ideal gift for them. Kyanite stone is an amazing meditation that instantly aligns your chakra and eliminates blockages.