Collection: Labradorite

Labradorite is a feldspar substance that possesses labradorescence. It has a variety of colors when it comes in contact with light. Labradorite stone has the potential to guard, heal and generate energy, which makes us admire it even more.

Labradorite is also known as the stone of transformation for its color-changing properties. Labradorite crystals are linked with the third eye and crown chakra. This stone connects us with our higher spiritual self.

The third eye chakra helps to release and develop your sixth sense, which is essential in spiritual and psychological enlightenment and needs a lot of energy to enter into a profound meditation. Labradorite crystals help in aligning the third eye chakra. You can get labradorite stone jewelry and ornaments from the Labradorite section.

Labradorite stone has the power to bring positive changes in your life. Labradorite is renowned as the dreamer's stone, and its mystical value revolves on this. It is your gateway to higher levels of knowledge, to connect with the divine, and to uncover aspects of your subconscious genetic composition.

The healing labradorite stone can generate a pleasant mood. It increases our inner value while also giving our physical body power.

Labradorite stone does emotional healing and boosts self-esteem and self-worth. Labradorite helps people going through traumas, emotional breakdowns and gives them greater strength, courage, focus, and determination. Labradorite crystals may assist people who are feeling depressed and striving for achievement.

Labradorite crystals generate a strong chakra alignment that supports healing and development. This stone is often used for meditation and aura balancing. Because of its adaptability and enchantment that take you to the deepest realms of awareness, this stone is in high demand in the market.