Collection: Red Jasper

This Gemstone has a blooming red color and is a rare member of the Chalcedony mineral class. The bright red hues of the Red Jasper truly warm our souls. The healing properties of this Gemstone are also exceptional and are incredibly beneficial for the human soul.

The Red Jasper crystal is widely known as The Stone of Endurance. It will also help you to remain humble and will help you to generate more compassion for others. It allows you to build up a strong presence with high morality. The Red jasper enables you to become a good human being with no tolerance for injustice.

The precious crystal also helps you to be more kind and forgiving towards others. It allows you to move forward in your life without holding grudges towards others. The Red Jasper also helps you to become more understanding towards your friends and family.

The Gemstone has strong connections to the earth element and has subtle grounding vibration. The high protective energy of the Red Jasper was famous from ancient times. Mighty warriors used the red crystal during battles.

The valuable Gemstone protects you from any danger and ensures your safety at all times. This crystal wards off the evil eye and gives protection against bad people and ominous occurrences. It also enhances your instinct and to make the right choice. The Red Jasper stone works wonders in your spiritual world.

This Gemstone works best during meditation and radiates power into your soul. It increases your mental strength allowing you to tackle any challenging situation. This valuable crystal benefits us in so many ways and is undoubtedly the best crystal to use.