Collection: Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is a highly valuable stone in the crystal family. It has a dawn-tinted color that gives off a whole majestic aura. Apart from its magnificent appearance, this precious Rose Quartz is also known as the symbol of eternal love and passion.

This precious crystal has a softening effect due to its blush pink color. Due to its light color, which gives an aura of warmth, we often refer to Rose Quartz as a healing crystal. Rose Quartz stone is also well-known to be therapeutic as well.

The Rose Quartz crystal brings positive energy into our souls. This crystal truly radiates calmness and peace in us by unloading negative thoughts from our minds. The Rose Quartz helps us to manage our stress with its beautiful presence.

This Gemstone brings limitless positivity into our lives, enhancing our self-love as well as compassion for others. It helps to strengthen our bonds with our loved ones by filling us with tenderness and warmth. This stone also uplifts our spirit and heals our wounded parts.

Hence, the Rose Quartz stone is also known as The Heart Stone as it possesses the ability to fabricate love into our anguished soul. Rose Quartz stones are often kept in the bedroom or in the middle of your room to radiate their healing power effectively.

Keeping the Rose Quartz stone in the bedroom will genuinely enhance your romantic moments radiating pure love all over. You can also use this lovely pink stone as your jewelry to keep its healing power connected to your skin at all times.