Collection: Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite combines two minerals, ‘ruby’ and ‘zoisite,’ first discovered in Tanzania. This stone is also known as Anyolite. When Ruby and Zoisite unite naturally to form a single stone, the heart, root, and third eye chakras connect and harmonize on the same vibrational level.

This unique mix of stones will promote the manifestation of thoughts and will provide power and support in achieving your goals. Ruby Zoisite unites the heart and third eye, resulting in a more profound knowledge of the negativity we are bearing and how to overcome it.

The presence of cold and warm colors in one gemstone shows Ruby Zoisite's ability to bring together energies that seem to be opposites but are complementary. Ruby Zoisite stones combine ruby, calming zoisite’s powerful, fiery energy, making it an excellent healing crystal for circumstances requiring a delicate balance.

If you are looking for spiritual rebirth, you can look in the Ruby Zoisite section for ruby zoisite stone accessories. Using the Ruby Zoisite crystal's power, we can burn away all the things that have misguided us, regaining our spirituality. This healing stone may help you realign with your spirit if you've been feeling lost.

Ruby Zoisite stone aids in the healing process by releasing toxic impulses. People use ruby zoisite stones to express grief after a loss. When we lose someone, guilt, sorrow, rage, and agony hurt us, yet we find it difficult to let them go. So you may keep this stone near you, so that particular person's memories are alive without sorrow and conflict.