Collection: Sacral chakra

The second chakra of the seven chakras is the Sacral Chakra, also known as Svadhisthana. It is situated two fingers below our navel and is the center of emotional balance. This chakra is the home to your creative energies and sexuality.

A healthy, productive, and prosperous existence requires an open and balanced sacral chakra. When sacral chakra aligns, you'll acquire insight into your default responses and innermost emotions and discover the depth of your feelings. You also will be able to express yourself more freely and set healthy limits.

Closed sacral chakras typically compensate with excessive control or abuse. Being hyperactive may cause sadness and bipolar illness. Overactive sacral chakra causes neediness and frequent reassurance. The problem is that you lose confidence in your skills and cannot take criticism.

You can use the sacral chakra stones in your reiki or meditation sessions. It will bring balance in your instinctual desires, and your lost appetites will certainly regain. The emotional barriers in your relationship will gradually vanish.

Sacral chakra stones will unclog blocks in your chakra and transform your energy. You can supercharge your chakra by associating with the sacral chakra crystals. You’ll see improvements in the creative and emotional aspects of your life.

Sacral chakra crystals that can declutter your cluttered chakra are Red Jasper, Unakite. Stones that are orange, golden or red-orange in hue are often thought to be Sacral Chakra healing stones.

For those suffering from digestion problems or low emotional availability, sacral chakra crystals are a must. It will help you regain a harmonious bond with people and mental stability.

This one is situated below the belly button. The chakra is associated with sexual problems, reproductive imbalance, urinary problems, and pain in the lower back. You can also feel emotional distress when the chakra is blocked.