Collection: Selenite

Selenite is a powerful healing crystal that can provide protection and enhance health. These are transparent, a versatile stone that is a crystallized form of gypsum. It's made up of sulfate and calcium-rich seawater and has a Mohs hardness of 2.

It comes in pearly white hues with a clay-like luster. The selenite stone is associated with clarity and awareness. Selenite is a precious goddess stone with a long history of bringing security, balance, and spiritual healing to your mind and body. Everyone should own a selenite stone for their well-being.

Selenite's significance makes it a very spiritual stone.  These are excellent stones for clearing energy blockages, bringing tranquility and purity to one's mind and heart. It ensures that one is safe and connected to the world around them. Moreover, it sucks out the negative vibrations from your surroundings.

Selenite Stone’s classic form is the most opaque and was named after the moon. This beautiful stone holds a lot of aesthetics.  Selenite stone is believed to activate the crown chakra. Traditional Selenite is always ready to clean out bad energy and allow you to reach for the divine level.

If you feel like your vibes are going off and you feel lost, then selenite crystals are the right match. It helps you regain your intuition and provides you with absolute clarity about life.

In the selenite section, you’ll find white selenite crystal accessories are available. White selenite crystal is used to purify, clean, and connect with heavenly worlds. Selenite represents renewal and pure feminine energy. It represents the heavenly realms and facilitates communication with divinities.