Collection: Sodalite

Sodalite stone is one of the most precious and effective chakra stones. In connection to the cosmos, Sodalite explains nature as looking into a star-filled sky and forgetting the blackness of grasping the countless light points. It sparks perception and connection within the human mind.

Sodalite stone emits calm and easy energy that clears the mind and eliminates deep thoughts enabling the ability to make rational decisions. It improves our analytical, intuitive, observational, and creative ability and reinforces self-discipline and organization.

Sodalite crystals do not promote knowledge; instead, it clears your eyes and mind to create wisdom. Sodalite is one of the dark blue stones that is the thickest and most rooted, and it is excellent for meditation and deep traveling.

The sodalite crystal provides insights and an honest assessment of one's motives, strengths, flaws, and destiny patterns. It clears the mind, allowing new knowledge to be absorbed, and provides an elevated perspective on life.

These stones can help people interested in tarot or astrology see the patterns behind it. Sodalite has a high vibration that is very beneficial to the development of psychic skills and intuition.

Sodalite stone is used for the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. It opens up the throat chakra. For those who are interested in public speaking, this stone is beneficial. Sodalite crystals are extremely helpful to enhance communication skills.

The beautiful blue-colored sodalite crystals make love jewelry. In the Sodalite section, you’ll find many sodalite crystal jewelry and accessories. This stone boosts your self-esteem and eases any anxiety you may have about speaking in front of a group.