Collection: Third eye chakra

The third eye chakra or brow chakra is considered the wheel-like vibration center that influences well-being and clears perception. It is the sixth chakra of the human body. This chakra opens the door to our inner wisdom, purity, and ways of connection to deeper spiritual reflection.

The third eye chakra, or Ajina, is situated at the center of your head in the middle of two eyebrows. It is the center of intuition and generates concentration. If the third eye chakra is blocked, people become unable to connect with their higher spiritual self. If you want to declutter the blockage of the third eye chakra, simply go for some healing stones or crystals.

The third eye chakra is believed to be linked to our physiology, the brain's control center for sleep and wakefulness. This chakra's hue is blue-white or transparent purple. It is important for poets, authors, healers, and artists to intellectual awakening. Nourishing the third eye helps us seek more significant meaning and a better knowledge of the world.

The third eye chakra stones are- Labradorite, Obsidian, Amethyst, Sodalite, and Black Tourmaline. The third eye chakra requires powerful stones that activate the pituitary gland and enable us to connect to our knowledge. Your desired stones should help in awakening psychic abilities, invoke mystery, and help you focus.

By using the third eye chakra crystal, you can clear the doors for your perception. It also helps you in establishing a sincere spiritual connection. When our third eye chakra is unblocked, we can connect with our psychic talents, develop our intuitive powers.