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Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Quartz Healing Stone
Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Quartz Healing Stone
Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Quartz Healing Stone
Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Quartz Healing Stone
Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Quartz Healing Stone

Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Quartz Healing Stone

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Infused with healing energy, the Chakra Reiki Crystal Pyramid Quartz Healing Stone is a great spiritual tool used to facilitate the Reiki method of healing. This healing stone is powerful yet gentle, just like the Reiki method. The healing of Reiki is made possible by the crystal pyramid, which represents the levels and stages of healing. The Reiki method steers practitioners towards personal fulfillment and balanced life.

The Crystal Pyramid is known for its manifestation properties. The base of the pyramid represents the anchor for your wishes, desires, and intentions. The apex of the pyramid sends out the desire into the universe. With the Chakra Reiki Crystal Pyramid Quartz Healing Stone, you're receiving healing and balance while safely anchored in the hands of the universe.

The Reiki method works well with Quartz crystals because they symbolize spiritual growth, focus, and clarification of thoughts- three necessary elements for healing. This pyramid stone can be used during yoga and meditation. You can also place it in your personal or workspace to help you remember to connect the mind to the body constantly.

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About Chakra Pot

Welcome to Chakra Pot store, we so excited you landed here!

For millennia, gemstones have fascinated the human population. Marvelous rubies, sparkling diamonds, brilliant crystals and other gems can but bring back images of glamour and riches to our minds. These fabulous stones have long been an inspiration for myths and famous stories. They have even been used for their healing properties; in both ancient and modern times. Chakra Pot is a quality provider of natural stones. Our sacred store offers you a wide collection of meaningful and magical stones for either yourself or to gift a loved one. We have here precious items you can’t find elsewhere.

Every single stone at Chakra Pot store has a positive affirmation corresponding to the energy center. We provide you with a large choice of the seven Chakras (Crown chakra, Third eye, chakra Throat, chakra Heart, chakra Solar plexus, chakra, Sacral and Root chakra) They are the greatest way to complement and enhance conventional medicine.

We care about your well-being, relaxation and vitality. So, if you have any questions or need a bit of advice, our passionate team is always at your disposal to help! We stand by all our stones and guarantee that they are all natural as advertised. Your satisfaction is at the top of our priorities. That is why, in case you are, for any reason, not satisfied you can return your purchased spiritual stones within 30 days for a guaranteed exchange.

Apart from being a part of your holistic healing approach, the well-made stones at Chakra Pot are made to be used for ornamental purposes as well. They are all made with great love, light, and positive energy so that they can help you release any toxic energy. Our overall mission is to provide you with natural, beautiful and unique stones that help to balance the mind, body and spirit. Hence, find one’s inner power.

We promise that every time you visit the Chakra Pot store you will find beautiful spiritual stones and decorative ornaments that make you feel energetic, happy and more alive!

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