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Irregular Eye Shape Unakite Silver Plated Ring

Irregular Eye Shape Unakite Silver Plated Ring

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With these newest additions made by Chakrapot of Irregular eye-shaped Unakite silver plated flower rings that truly make a fashion statement and are like your bodyguard to keep you out of the blue!

Brimming with gentle and uplifting energy, this irregular yet quirky Unakite stone can give you just the right dose of patience and calm you need to sail through life. You can even gift this wonderful piece to your close friends, colleagues, or even your loved ones that would make sure to shoot both of its brilliant functions of simply making your life easy with one day at a time. You wouldn’t help but agree that when the powerful and spirited Unakite vibes are a part of your spiritual life journey, you'll awaken the wise and the most mature voice that will help keep you anchored to the present moment. No wonder the Unakite crystal is considered a sacred stone since it deepens meditation by merely increasing your sense of being in the now.

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