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Natural Blue Kyanite Quartz Stones

Natural Blue Kyanite Quartz Stones

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Take the opportunity to open your mind and mouth with the help of Chakrapot’s natural blue kyanite quartz stones.

Blue kyanite quartz is filled with energy and whenever you find the chance to possess it, use it to heal your expressions. This stone is also associated with enhancing one’s communication issues and public speaking ability. The kyanite has the potential to grant you the needed confidence in order to get up, speak for yourself with clarity and use your voice for the bigger purpose. Explore your elevated sense of self and experience the restoration of the flow of energy to the various chakras in a way you have never even imagined before.

Indulge in our kyanite blue quartz, an amazingly powered high-energy crystal that will help you open communication in higher dimensions and also be a part of your holistic healing approach in life.

 Weight - 3.52 oz - (100g)

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