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1 Piece Natural Blue Labradorite Moonstone

1 Piece Natural Blue Labradorite Moonstone

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Bring yourself into a feeling of wholeness and indulge in the state of mindfulness with Chakrapot’s natural blue Labradorite Moonstone.

When you get home a blue moonstone, you indirectly say yes to supernatural energy and welcome the healing vibes into your life with great pride. Neutralizing any sort of negative vibes that may be clinging on to your chakras is a duty moonstones swear by no matter what. Trust us when we say this, but our natural blue moonstones are forever nourishing and giving you exactly what you need to get thriving. They will soothe your nerves and bring a seamless balance in your lives that will leave you so satisfied and uplifted.

Try and get your hands on our natural blue labradorite moonstones to have an utterly enchanting time with yourself.

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