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Natural Green Opal Stone For Purifying Blood

Natural Green Opal Stone For Purifying Blood

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Gleaming with healing properties, the natural green Opal stone from Chakrapot is on everyone’s wishlist and favorite chart whether you believe it or not.

Opal palm stone is the true enigma of light, love, and purity, and everything bliss. Watching a green opal stone itself is only pure eye candy and a massively amplifying stone. The green opals are known to heal your chakra in a way you would have never imagined. Little would you know this green opal would open your heart and you would learn to love all over again? You could trust with ease in the future and even get rid yourself of negative energies like jealously and resentment for the best. So, possessing these beauties is definitely a win-win situation!

 Diameter - 2.55 in

 Weight - 14.1 oz

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