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Natural Raw Black Obsidian Quartz Stones

Natural Raw Black Obsidian Quartz Stones

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Chakrapot's Obsidian Black Raw Natural quartz is like hiring a bodyguard for your soul, body, mind, and overall well-being.

A naturally formed volcanic glass, Obsidian is a powerful healing stone popularly known to strengthen your root chakra which thereby assists you in reconnecting with mother earth. This matte black stone has the potential of protecting you from anxiety, anger, frustration, and all the negative energy that usually destroys a person. Not only this but it is also said to wash away the physical smog from your consciousness and thereby help you get closer to your inner self. Shop this classy black stone and add it to your collection for you to slay and make heads turn while you walk.

 Weight - 3.52 oz - (100g)

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