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Natural Unakite Healing Mineral Stone

Natural Unakite Healing Mineral Stone

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Chakrapot presents to you the ultimate stone for living out the spirit of carpe diem- the Unakite natural stone crystal graven specimen that definitely proves to be a game-changer as home decor or even has the potential to level up your aquarium game.

Before you know it or even realize it, Unakite stone will make you believe in magic all over again and you would be left nothing but spellbound by it. Unakite’s healing properties and benefits have the ability to give your heart the superpower of 20/20 vision and the zeal as well as the courage to be a hero to the ones you love and truly care for. Let us be honest- If you've taken a high fall recently it's time to sit up, buck up and dust yourself off, and jump into the saddle because with life roaring in your face giving you constant ups and downs, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than pure happiness.

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