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Natural Unakite Stone Healing Reiki Crystal

Natural Unakite Stone Healing Reiki Crystal

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Having the first glance at the Unakite collection from Chakrapot, you wouldn’t help but experience the pink and green shades blended beautifully and ripe with love, and abundance.

Keeping the body healthy is just one thing but it's a wholly different yet important story behind the curtain of your inner world in one’s life. When you have too much junk food, you are bound to face consequences with your body speaking up eventually. Similar is the case when emotional pain builds up in our hearts. And this is exactly where the natural Unakite stone comes into the picture. The healing power of Unakite crystal is indeed a getaway and nothing less than therapy to let loose of the vice grip that society places on us. As you allow yourself to go deeper into the energy cave of this reiki crystal you will be surprised at what beauty it can add to your life.

 Weight - 1,76 oz (50g)

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