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Transparent White Selenite Tower Crystal

Transparent White Selenite Tower Crystal

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Well believe it or not, with coloring as pale as the flutter of angel wings, the Selenite transparent white Stone by Chakrapot is awash in otherworldly wonder.

The classic form of Selenite is the one which is sheer opaque in nature and it’s named after the moon. This is the style of Selenite that is said to awaken the crown chakra of your body. Sweeter than honey and milk, Selenite is one of those stones that gets to work straight away with helping you to shed those unnecessary anxieties and worries that can weigh down your heart. This is a stone that loves to be light. This transparent white selenite tower crystal would want to grow wings and the best part- it doesn’t desire any kind of anchor or ties from catastrophic thinking. So what are you overthinking about? Add to cart and make it yours now.

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