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Unakite Jasper Natural Beads Bracelet

Unakite Jasper Natural Beads Bracelet

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Chakrapot presents Unakite Jasper Natural Bracelet and wearing it can leave you clear-eyed, heart-charged, spirit-loved, and utterly balanced overall so that you can step out without the burden of emotional baggage.

The Unakite crystal is also known as the Doula stone, and you wouldn’t believe that this gem is loved dearly by midwives across the globe. It helps guide and show the best path to mothers moving forward towards a healthy and harmonious pregnancy. Also, if by any chance, you have any fearful energy around your pregnancy or someone you know, Unakite can be a great help for you to keep your calm. Men and women can even choose to wear this gem throughout the nine months period and let it soothe, tranquilize you and keep you soaked in nothing but positive energy.

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